Philip Martin

Philip Martin - Phillmar has been an animal enthusiast his whole life breeding owning and showing all kinds of animals, acquiring his first Doberman in 1996.  Philips keen eye, experience and knowledge are unmistakable in Dobermans. Philip has judged in 5 Countries, the US Doberman National, Argentinian National Brazilian National,  Australian Doberman Specialty and in Mexico City.

Philip, breeding under his kennel name Phillmar, has accomplished what Dobermans breeders could only dream of !! Beginning but not limited to more than 75 champions, 8 Best In Show dogs (6 Generations of champions) multiple Best In Specialty Show dogs , 27 top 20 finalists Obedience and Confirmation (15 years of Top 20 Finalists ), breeder of 2016 Top 20 Winner, Champion Phillmar Ms Marvel (4 Generations).  2005 Eukanuba Best Of Breed winner, 2015 select bitch DPCA (Doberman Pinscher Club of America) National , 2 DPCA National host show Best of Breed winners 2009  (Champion Phillmar Sobe Monster) and 2015(Champion Phillmar Superman) . Multiple Award Of Merit's at Westminster including a Best of Opposite Sex and many DPCA Award Of Merit's including DPCA Best veteran dog and first Award Of Merit at the DPCA National 2009 (Champion Phillmar X-tatic).

Another major accomplishment, the first DPCA Ryan Award recipient for top 20 status obedience and confirmation in the same year 2007 with Phillmar X-Static (there have only ever been three Dobermans to do so). Champion Phillmar X-Static produced the third and only bitch. Champion Phillmar X-Static was one of only 5 Dobermans to achieve the highest level DPCA Gold Stud dog award for top producing Dobermans with titles at both ends, Philip was the first breeder to produce three Best In Show dogs in one litter (Champion Phillmar Sobe Monster, Champion Phillmar Sisterella and Champion Phillmar Monsterpiece) , in 2009 he was the first breeder to produce three top 20 finalists in one year(Champion Phillmar Monster Magnificent, Champion Phillmar Sobe Monster and Champion Phillmar Sisterella).

His dogs and bitches have been bred and produced many more Champions with the name Phillmar in many of the pedigrees today, most recently his dog, Champion Phillmar Sobe Monster), bred and co-owned by Philip, was the sire of the the number one Doberman in 2018, going back 3 generations of Phillmar to his foundation bitch (Champion Karmaveck Bellina). His accomplishments continue on today making Phillmar a name synonymous with Dobermans. Every dog with the Phillmar prefix was whelped and raised in the home of Philip Martin. He's very appreciative to all the owners, co-owners , co-breeders, backers, sponsors and handlers that have promoted Phillmar to the highest level!


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